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Talk mold testing, labs, your home, mold detox, Lyme, PANS, protocols and more.

Mold Proof Your Home Masterclass

Here's what you're getting in your Masterclass

Protect your body and heal your home with:

  • 100 video lessons in total
  • Includes 3 BONUS units
  • Protecting your home protects your health
  • Instant access after purchase
  • No waiting for an Inspector, you can start now
  • 6 month money back guarantee

3 BONUS units

  1. 🧨 Best labs for testing your home and body!
  2. 🧨 Cross-contamination - Don't move toxins!
  3. 🧨 The best binder for mold detox!

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What People Are Saying:

We had major problems with mold in our kitchen. We're really liking what we're learning here, some real good tips!

Sandra D

We're currently waiting on remediation and I bought Matt's Masterclass to make sure we don't have a mold problem moving forward.

Lauren M

I found mold in a couple of the places Matt showed in the Masterclass. I didn't even know to check there.

Jamie S